Garden Pavers

Grassed Driveway for a Beautiful Garden

Why Choose Garden Pavers?

A lush green patch over your paved area would liven up your dull courtyard.

When you can drive your vehicle over the green patch, your garden pavers serve two purposes - A nature inspired modern patio, and A functional grassed driveway.

Garden tiles are extremely popular among designers since they can beautifully complement block pavers. When you have a block paved area alongside a lawned area, designers suggest adding a transitional lane of garden pavers in between to smoothen the look.

Garden Pavers also come with an option of filling the center with garden stones if you do not wish to plant grass in it. It also looks good when certain area has garden stones in the center and certain area has grass planted in the center.


  • Dimension: 230X230X60mm
  • Units/m2: 19
  • Design Mix: M30
  • Strength300 - 350 Kg/cm2
  • Water Absorption Rate: average 5%
  • Tolerance Dimensions: +/-2mm length,width, +/-3 height

2018 Garden Paver Trends

Recently introduced in India, garden tiles quickly became a sensation. Lot of residences were quick to adopt the trend.

2018 will witness paving around a niche garden area, coupled with plant pots, pebbles and garden pavers.

While most of the area would be block paved, garden pavers would be niche specific.

Where are Garden Pavers best suited for?

Residence owners who prefer a bit of greenery in their backyard would definitely opt for garden pavers. It provides a natural area to spend a quality Sunday evening with children.

Resorts and Hotels are increasingly aware of the importance of landscaping. Garden pavers, with its ability to complement lawned areas, are tremendously popular in hospitality industry

Maintenance of

Garden Pavers


Careful pressure washing along the pavers is the most suitable method to remove dirt. This need not be done frequently.

Easily Replaceable

Since it’s modular in nature, individual blocks could be replaced if needed so, thus reducing the overall maintenance cost.


Base soil for lawned area is usually treated for weed before planting. If treated well, then it wouldn't affect garden pavers as well.

Garden Paver Laying Details

While professional help must be sought for a stable finish, you need to have a basic idea of what is to be needed.

6mm aggregates are laid as base layer for about 40-50 mm depth. After compacting them once, garden pavers are laid. The gap between the pavers are filled with crusher sand to account for interlocking property and compacted again.

In the center, you plant grass along with red soil. After 3 days, the soil is pushed naturally to the bottom of the paver. You'll need to add a small amount of soil to the center of the paver again to complete the procedure.


Once you finalise the product, you could contact us on the number given to initiate the process. It is best if you go through the entire site to find the best product for your need and also get accustomed to various details.

Unlike any other commodity available, there are a number of processes involved here in finishing the work. Charges for various processes include product price, freight charge, unloading charge(depends) laying labour charge, laying materials price. All or most of the processes would be carried out by the company depending on the customer location.

You’ll be briefed on these various costs if you contact us.

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Depending on customer location, Sirex recommends laying contractors to undertake the laying requirement. You should contact the company to know more about it.
If not, you could purchase the products from us and then give the contract to any local laying contractor.

We highly recommend visiting our display showrooms in Thodupuzha(Kerala) and Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) to see all the varieties and designs at the same time. It is best if you get to see all the alternatives together. You’ll be able to make a wiser decision thereby.