You cannot find better Pavers elsewhere

Paver blocks can instantly change your sloppy driveway to a modern piece of hardscape without much effort.

More affordable than stone and way more durable and better looking than asphalt are concrete paving blocks.

Pavers, made with stiff concrete mix, are the ideal option for Indian wet weather conditions and when they are rightly placed in the yard, they provide the right contrast highlighting greenery.

Why is Good Quality Pavers Important?

Before you Buy Paver Blocks from any supplier, You need to understand why it is important to buy them from a reliable supplier? Watch this short Video [2min]

Why is Good Quality Pavers Important?

Before you Buy Paver Blocks from any supplier, You need to understand why it is important to buy them from a reliable supplier? Watch this short Video [2min]

2018 Paver Trends

While Paving blocks have been in market for quite some time, we’re witnessing a change in hardscaping trends.

People are moving from bright colours ( Bright red, yellow and white) to more natural shades that emulate earthy colours. Pavers that blend in with natural tones are quickly gaining popularity.

Flashy coloured pavers, though still available in the market are rarely suggested by designers and architects mainly due to its foregone appeal and also the difficulty to maintain its bright contrast over the years.

Natural toned paver blocks tend to be easier to maintain over a stretch of time and are extremely popular worldwide. They are very cost-effective as well.

In 2018, you can definitely see plenty of “selectively random” laying patterns visually similar to natural stone and ground.

Where are Pavers best suited for?

The natural appeal of paver blocks go hand in hand with lawn and provide a contrast that make gardens pop out. Combined with Kerbstones and pebbles, they make an extremely appealing backyard.

Laying paver blocks has become one of the first things house owners do when renovating their house, as they not only add aesthetic appeal, they contribute to the resale value of the house.

Due to the Interlocking nature of pavers, they are often the best fit for driveways, footpaths and other high traffic areas.

Concrete paver blocks are renowned for their strength and durability. Therefore it's widely popular among hotel, shop and factory owners who require a compact base for vehicular movements.

In the case of paving roads and highways, price and strength matter the most. Our Heavy Duty Pavers do just that, but only better. These paver blocks need to be extremely durable to sustain heavy vehicular traffic and this is a classic case where smart investment comes into picture. Contact us for special bulk orders.

Maintenance of


Easy Cleaning

An occasional sweeping and washing with water is all the care pavers ever require.

Easily Replaceable

Unlike asphalt and poured out concrete, paver blocks are modular. In the rare events of replacement, you only have to change the affected blocks and not the entire project.

Base Preparation

Base soil could to be treated for weed before laying pavers for them to never sprout again. However, this is not required in most cases.

Paver Laying Information

It is advised to get professional help for getting your pavers laid since improper installation can create mishaps later in the future.

Base material for pavers is crushed metal stones. These provide rigidity to the final paved surface. If you find any unnatural dips or curves on the surface in the future, be sure that your base layer wasn't stable enough.

Sub base layer would normally be sand ( river sand or crusher sand). This is what holds the paver blocks in place.

While selecting the laying contractor, don't be hesitant to ask if they have relevant tools(compactor, screed pipes) to complete the task.