Designer Pavers

Suitable red paved areas for Small Shops

Why Choose Designer Pavers?

Often times, a bright and tidy red paved area is what is required for the driveway. Certain customers prefer to have their front yard brightened up with a single design. We cut down the selection process to a single designer paver that'll solve your problem of tidying up the driveway.

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Hexa 3D

The curved surface provides great walking comfort as well as strength for sustaining vehicular traffic. These Rubber Moulded pavers are very appealing to traditional buyers. The designs on the surface create a 3 Dimensional look to your driveway


  • Dimension: 60mm thickness
  • Units/m2: 21
  • Design Mix: M30
  • Strength300 - 350 Kg/cm2
  • Water Absorption Rate: average 5%
  • Tolerance Dimensions: +/-2mm length,width, +/-3 height

2018 Designer Paver Trends

2018 would not be witnessing a great impact of designer pavers since more and more residential customers opt for natural looking pavers, whereas commercial shop owners care more about high strength pavers.

However, there is still a market for bright red coloured paver solutions that can sustain vehicular traffic. This is the niche that Designer pavers would be catering to.

Where are Designer Pavers best suited for?

Commercial centers that need a clean paved area as parking facility would ideally choose Designer pavers

Shops, where a medium sized driveway is required, would require a colorful driveway to attract customers.

Maintenance of

Designer Pavers


Sweeping and washing with water are all that are required.

Easily Replaceable

You could replace individual paver block if required instead of removing the entire area.


In order to make your paved area glossy, a separate polish can be applied over it.

Designer Paver Laying Information

Since the pavers are red in colour, take steps to install the pavers after all other civil works are completed. Otherwise, these red pavers are quick to lose its glossiness when workers move around their construction/renovation tools across the paved area.


Once you finalise the product, you could contact us on the number given to initiate the process. It is best if you go through the entire site to find the best product for your need and also get accustomed to various details.

Unlike any other commodity, there are a number of processes involved here in finishing the work. Charges for various processes include product price, freight charge, unloading charge(depends) laying labour charge, laying materials price. All or most of the processes would be carried out by the company depending on the customer location.

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Depending on customer location, Sirex recommends laying contractors to undertake the laying requirement. You should contact the company to know more about it.

We highly recommend visiting our display showrooms in Thodupuzha(Kerala) and Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) to see all the varieties and designs at the same time. It is best if you get to see all the alternatives together.