Heavy Duty Pavers

For higher strength requirements

Heavy duty pavers in this series offer unsurpassed interlocking strength and flexibility at the same time.

The trend of flashy outdoor tiles is over and the neutral tones offered in this series are in high demand from the market. Commercial property owners prefer outdoor tiles that are functional, natural looking and affordable at the same time.

There are very few outdoor tiles that can suffice all the three conditions and heavy duty pavers fulfill them all making it the ideal choice for apartments, roads and other factories.

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Main Features of

Heavy Duty Pavers


When it comes to heavy duty outdoor requirements, durability of the product matters the most. You can't find stronger and more durable exterior pavers elsewhere.


The most economical solution for paving your exteriors. Very well accepted by public projects that require high volume benefits.


Once laid, these outdoor pavers require almost no maintenance, thus reducing the overall costs even further.

Where are Heavy Duty pavers best suited for?

The basic requirement of outdoor tiles according to factory and shop owners is to have adequate strength to sustain heavy vehicular traffic and to not worry about its maintenance. Products in this series are the best when it comes to strength and low maintenance

Certain aesthetics of modern architecture demands grey outdoor tiles to complement earthy neutral color palette.

Roads and Highways require paving that is extremely durable and strong. Holland and Zig Zag are used in various road projects in South India.