Shot Blasted Pavers

The latest disruption paver industry is witnessing

Shot blasting is the premium process of imparting a slightly roughened texture on the paver surface by directing a high-speed stream of steel particles at it.

Our latest innovation is changing the way people pave their driveway.

As shiny pavers have taken a blow in the market, it opens up an opportunity for textured, natural toned shot blasted pavers.

Why Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting adds premiumness to pavers by adding a rough texture on the surface that is lauded by designers worldwide. It emulates the natural appearance of a rock. Shot blasted pavers also provide immense grip to the surface making it anti-slippery. More importantly, the texture is visually appealing.

Main Features of

Shot Blasted Pavers


The rough texture on the surface makes it highly desirable and makes it the one to watch out for.


Provides immense grip on the surface making it very family-friendly


Earthy colours resemble natural hues and blend well with the natural surrounding.

Where are Shot Blasted pavers best suited for?

If you’re looking for latest paving tiles that aren’t as boring as the shiny red ones, you’re looking at the right one. These aren't common in the market yet, making them the right fit to make your house stand out

For projects that prioritize aesthetics and premium looks, shot blasting pavers make for the best option. Architects and Designers who are exposed to the contemporary trends pick these over anything else.