Stone Series Pavers

Aesthetically pleasing concrete stone finish (Bestseller)

Natural stones are definitely the most attractive landscaping material you could add to your house. But when they come with such a heavy price, it might not be worth it.

We realised this and introduced natural stone inspired stone pavers that are close to visual perfection and comes with a fraction of the natural stone’s price.

The concrete stone tiles emulate the aesthetics and natural appeal of the mineral and can withstand extreme load and weather changes.

In addition to having the feel of an instant classic, the series has ample design options that stretch your creative ability.

Main Features of

Stone Series Pavers


Aesthetically equivalent to natural stones, these stone tiles complement the earthy theme for a residence


Unlike natural stones, there is no worry about getting replacements if the stone tiles are damaged and they're extremely cheap compared to natural stones.


Concrete pavers are often preferred due to the drastically low maintenance it requires making it very convenient for homeowners.

Where are Stone Series pavers best suited for?

Homeowners who prefer a bit of aesthetics on their exterior definitely would love our stone series pavers as the finish on the paver resembles natural stone and it gives the least headache in terms of maintenance

Resort and Shop owners find it easy to merge these stone pavers with their existing natural landscape. A patch of lawn, kerbs along with these stone tiles make the most preferred landscape combination for them.