Roof Tiles

Crowning Glory to your House

If a beautiful and enduring roof is what you’re looking for, then Sirex roof tiles must be the right fit to make your roof aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete roof tiles have continuously proven to add overall value for your home.

With a variety of shades and textures, no other alternatives of concrete roof tiles can provide a similar appeal and structural stability for your roof.

Clay roof tiles absorb a lot of water and are prone to algae infections. Architects and designers prefer concrete tiles due to their increasing practicality in maintenance.

2017 Roof Tile Trends

Traditional clay tiles used to be the first choice for adding a curb appeal to their homes for most Indian homeowners. But since the introduction of concrete tiles that come in various colours and also less expensive(as compared to clay tiles), they have taken over the market.

The structural stability of concrete roof tiles makes it less vulnerable to shattering and are about 20% cheaper than clay tiles.

People have also become used to the monotonous Mangalore-styled clay tiles which do not offer the versatility in terms of colours and patterns that concrete tiles do.

The need to showcase contemporary designs on their roofs has led to homeowners favoring concrete roofing tiles enormously recently. Choosing roof tiles and pavement solution from matching colour palette gives uniformity to the entire landscape.

2017 is undoubtedly going to witness a catapult shift from traditional clay tiles to concrete roof tiles in the Indian market.

Where are Roof Tiles best suited for?

Concrete tiles add a modern touch to roofs which make them the ideal option to consider when constructing a new house. The practicality of using them makes it one of the most recommended roofing solutions by designers and architects.

Roofs, where the traditional clay roofs have been cracked and withered can be replaced with contemporary concrete roof tiles to add a curb appeal.

Maintenance of

Roof Tiles

Easy Cleaning

Since our roof tiles are algae resistant, occasional pressure washing is all that is required

Easily Replaceable

Modular format allows individual replacements of tiles when compared to aluminum and steel roof sheets


When compared with Aluminium and steel roof sheets, concrete roof tiles are extremely durable and lasts for more than 50 years with very minimum maintenance.

Roof Tiles Laying Information

Concrete roof tiles can be laid on the same framework that accomodates clay roof tiles. If you want to replace your clay tiles with concrete roof tiles, you need not make any structural changes.
Unlike Ceramic roof tiles, you need not nail down concrete roofs tiles. There are supporting legs attached which let the tiles stay firm.