While apartments have sprung up in the recent years, who doesn’t like to have a backyard of their own.

You’ll definitely need greenery to add to the comfort. So, lawn, Yes!

So, lawn, Yes!

It might look as heavenly it could be until you start thinking about maintaining the lawn.

That’s where a good lawn mower comes to your rescue.

With first-hand experience of maintaining a lawn in India, I’ll share a few tips on how it can be less of a pain.

We show you unbiased reviews on the 3 lawn movers in India we consider to be the best for a middle-class family.

What to consider before buying a Lawn Mower

  • Engine Size: You don’t necessarily need an engine capacity more than 150cc if you don’t have a significantly large lawn area. Also, if you have very thick shrubbery, then you might need a larger engine capacity.
  • Optimal Yard Size: Manufacturers specify the optimum size of an area along with the product. Anything around 1/3rd acre is suitable for a medium sized residential lawn.
  • Cutting Height: Different types of lawn look better at different heights. Certain grass looks best when it is too short. Ask the company specifically about the height.
  • Cutting Path: If you have many plants or other decorative elements on the lawn, it is wise to get a lawn mower that has a narrower cutting path.


Which is better? Electric Lawn Mower or Gasoline Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mower is newer. But does that make it better?

Well, you can’t overlook one over the another. Both have their own benefits.

But for a medium/small sized lawn, Electric mowers prove to be better in the long term.

I’ll explain some of the most noticeable differences between Electric Lawn Mowers and Gasoline Lawn Mowers.

Why should you buy Electric Lawn Mower?

  • It is extremely silent
  • Though it is slightly more expensive to buy it initially(depends on the size), the long-term costs involved are low.
  • Since it is lighter than the Gasoline alternative, it is suitable for slightly aged people to run.
  • You don’t have to worry about changing oil and spark plugs. Very low maintenance.

Maybe it is not great for..

  • These lawn mowers aren’t well suited for mowing a large area since most of them are limited by cords.
  • Cordless Electric lawn mower may have only enough battery capacity to last for up to an hour.


Gasoline Lawn Mowers are better when…

  • You have a large area to cover. You don’t need to wait for the battery to be charged.
  • You need a powerful mower to clear thick grass.


Disadvantages of Gasoline Lawn Mowers

  • They are bulky.
  • Changing oil regularly, spark plugs would add to the maintenance costs in the long run.
  • The pollutants they emit are really harmful.
  • Let’s be honest, they get pretty noisy at times.


So, Which is better?

If you own a small to medium sized lawned area, then electric lawn mowers are the best fit, but when it comes to large plots, we recommend gasoline ones. They can finish the mowing task a lot faster than the electric ones.

However, there are recent developments in electric lawn mowers that produce powerful mowers. Watch out for those!

Review of top 3 Lawn Mowers

Falcon Electric Lawn Mower Roto Drive-33

Falcon Electric Lawn Mower

Engine: 1200W

Price: Rs.10,000(Approx.)

Cutting Width: 13 inch

Cutting Height range: 20-70mm

Weight: 11.7kg

Grass Collecting Capacity: 35ltr


Falcon is popular for making pocket-friendly lawn mowers. As a residence owner, you wouldn’t be ready to invest much on a lawn mower. In that case, this is a perfect fit.

Suitable for a medium sized lawn, this has 7 possible height adjustments, giving you the leverage to attain a desirable working position.

Unlike other lawn mowers, this lawn mower doesn’t demand that a herculean effort is put by the operator in order to cut the grass.

A 35-liter capacity collection box is sufficient for mowing a reasonably large area without emptying the box.

With 1200W, this has the lowest power of the three mentioned. But this is more than sufficient for a residential lawn where there aren’t heavy shrubbery.

Makita Electric Lawn Mower 1.8 HP

Makita Electric Lawn Mower

Engine: 1400W

Price: Rs.14,000(Approx.)

Cutting Width: 14.5 inch

Cutting Height range: 20-55mm

Weight: 14.2kg

Grass Collecting Capacity: 35ltr


A slightly more powerful mower than Falcon, this caters to medium and slightly large sized lawn. It is preferred for an area up to 500m2.

Makita is a widely preferred brand and this is one of the basic lawn mowers but does good justice to the brand. Comes with a plastic body, it is slightly larger than Falcon, at 14kg.

When you buy it online, the mower doesn’t come with a cable. This is a point of concern for many.

The Grass collection box is of the same size at 35 liters.

It might not be the best for mowing very thick grass but will work well for most of cases.


Kisankraft 18.11 inch Petrol Lawn Mower KK-LMP-6418

Kisankraft Petrol Lawn Mower

Engine: 3000W

Price: Rs.29,000(Approx.)

Cutting Width: 18.11 inch

Cutting Height range: 25-75mm

Weight: 12kg

Grass Collecting Capacity: 60ltr


A very powerful lawn mower that is best suited for large areas. It has the power to cut through heavy shrubs as well. Surprisingly lighter than the electrical alternatives, this reduces the laborious effort as well.

10 stages of height adjustment let you find the best handling position.

If you have a commercial property with a large lawn, I strongly suggest you consider this. While this requires a manual push to steer, it is pretty obvious you’ll have someone do the mowing for you if it is a large area.



While it is easy to trump gas lawn mowers over electric mowers, there are still quite a few gasoline mowers that can give a serious fight.

  • Always look for the capacity of collection box in tandem with your yard size. This can save a lot of time.
  • Electric lawn mowers are definitely eco-friendly and are less messy to maintain.


Buying Tip: Finally, most of the lawn mowers are available to buy online. If and when you’re planning to buy them online, make sure you go through a cashback site like Topcashback/ Cashkaro. You can save a few bucks thereby.


Happy Mowing!


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