Simple and the most economical pavement solution. We have made it extra strong to sustain extremely heavy vehicular traffic.


Has the surface texture of Natural Sandstones with clean lines that offer a flexible, stylish paving solution.



Holland pavers can bear an enormous amount of load capacity making it suitable for highways.


Affordable paver as compared to other alternatives. Due to economies of scale, we can produce them at a cheaper price as compared to competitors


They require almost no maintenance if they are installed correctly in the first place.


  • Dimension: 200X100X60mm
  • Units/m2: 50
  • Design Mix: M30
  • Strength300 - 350 Kg/cm2
  • Water Absorption Rate: average 5%
  • Tolerance Dimensions: +/-2mm length,width, +/-3 height


Holland is available in two different dimensions offering a plethora of laying patterns


Once you finalise the product, you could contact us on the number given to initiate the process. It is best if you go through the entire site to find the best product for your need and also get accustomed to various details.

Unlike any other commodity, there are a number of processes involved here in finishing the work. Charges for various processes include product price, freight charge, unloading charge(depends) laying labour charge, laying materials price. All or most of the processes would be carried out by the company depending on the customer location.

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Depending on customer location, Sirex recommends laying contractors to undertake the laying requirement. You should contact the company to know more about it.

We highly recommend visiting our display showrooms in Thodupuzha(Kerala) and Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) to see all the varieties and designs at the same time. It is best if you get to see all the alternatives together.